Sunday, 23 October 2011

Spiders aren't insects: Spinning workshop and WIPs

Hello again!

Spinning workshop

In september I went to a spinning in Ormskirk, it was taught on spinning wheels and was so much fun! I will definitely be buying a spinning wheel when I start earning money! The lesson was taught by Lazy kate and what a great teacher she was. It took some time to get used to all the things you had to do and be aware of when you are spinning but boy it was fun. At the end of the lesson I had two skeins of 2 ply yarn that I had spun myself :D

If you can get on a workshop with her I recommend it. Check out her blog on the lesson.

Here are some pictures of my spun yarn! It varies in thickness but one ply of it is much more consistently thin which is when I had got the hang of it.

Unlike the others in the class I decided I was going to make something from the yarn. So I made some simple fingerless mitts

They are really snug even though they dont look so neat. I love them as I know I spun the yarn :)

LazyKate also has her own etsy shop where she sells yarn she has spun and roving she has dyed herself. At the class I bought some lovely blue Leicester roving dyed in a beautiful colour. I will spin this on my drop spindle. So check out her etsy shop!

Works in progress

I haven't done much at the moment but here is what I have done:

Left glove of my Noro fingerless mitts

Left glove of my white rabbit wristees

I think I should start making some right gloves now!

Here are a couple of patterned hexipuffs (and a pic of them all):

Progress on the hexipuffs is going slow!

Also my jumper is almost ready to join the body and the sleeves, so I can start on the owl yoke soon!

Finally, I bought another TOK pattern last night! Its orchids and fairy lights hat. I have been looking at this pattern for ages wanting it, so I finally went and bought it. I ordered the yarn too which should arrive this week. Cant wait to cast it on and I hope the weather will get cold enough to wear it!

From Tiny Owl Knits

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sorry for the quiet!

Wow life has been rather hectic recently! Im currently trying to write a paper for tomorrow :S But I have so much to share with you! So I will definately make time this weekend to blog!