Monday, 21 November 2011

Where is the cold weather?!?!

Alright! OK so I'm trying to keep up at least one blog post a month. Where I would like to say that I haven't done much because I have been studying hard, its the contrary :/ So I have completed quite a few projects and have many more planned, but I have to wait til my Birthday for the yarn for them (luckily its not too far away :D )

Queue the gallery of finished objects!

Firstly my orchids and fairy lights hat! WHICH I LOVE!!!!!! I'm soooooooooo happy with how it turned out and the malabrigo yarn is sooooooooooo soft. This hat is like a little piece of heaven!

And bonus... it fits :)

I made another Tiny owl knits hat as well. The pattern is free rapunzel and was gifted to me by the lovely LilyLaLu on ravelry. I'm not adding the braids and I'm not sure about the bobble on top but I am chuffed with it despite making a few oopsy daisies.

In the spirit of Movember because I cannot grow facial hair myself I knitted some using the awesome free pattern 

It's a moustache, for your fingers!

it has provided much amusement

Last but not least, I finally got round to doing some crochet again! It feels like it has been forever since I picked up a crochet hook. So I made a Pug from the book Ami Ami Dogs and named him BARRY.


Ok thats my FO's for now but I'm guessing by christmas there will be many more (as I will have to revise for exams, which usually means I get a lot of knitting/crochet done).

Anywho... I hope you like them and I'll see you next month!