Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I finished reading 'I Shall Wear Midnight' by Terry Pratchett (his books are pretty awesome) a few weeks ago. Anyway whilst browsing looking for something new to crochet (despite have about 5 different projects on the go already) I came across someone who had crocheted a Nac Mac Feegle. At this point I felt all giddy inside and decided I must make one myself! So I found a free sackboy pattern to use as the basic body and began to crochet...I decided to try to make my Nac Mac Feegle look like Rob Anybody. I had a lot of fun making him and I'm pleased with how he turned out despite a few hiccups. So he he is in all is Feegle glory....

Showing off his hair before he goes off to drink and fight

He needs a good sit down after a good fight (and after following Tiffany around)

And finally a back shot of him

I think I should make a few more feegle friends for him but for now I think my next project will be THIS!!

Thanks for looking! x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The art of procrastination

I'm currently finishing my final report for my honours project but I've had enough of writing about nematodes for the day. So I decided to finish making the chick I started t'other day. I was going to make just the average chick but alas I decided it could do with a geeky look. So here it is in all its geeky glory! 

It kind of reminds me of a zoombini ... I should make another in blue and purple and then it will be more zoombini-ish. It has a surprise though...

Yehp, its a creme egg holder (if you ignore the threads yet to be woven in). And here it is with the egg removed, and how it shall spend most of its time due to constant eating of creme eggs.

I'm quite pleased with it and I like its glasses :D

Anyway the picture below shows one of my on going projects which I will hopefully finish in the summer. Its the beginnings of a throw, Scandinavian style from a book my brother got me for my birthday.

The yarn is really soft so I can't wait until its done so I can snuggle up in it.

Finally here is a pic of the phone case I made a while ago...

Im currently trying to design a little bear and a flower beetle. The beetle pattern is being tricky and I've had to redo it many times! I should really be spending more time revising and doing my honours project than crocheting but oh well...


Monday, 11 April 2011

The Start of Something Small

My mum is a terrific crafter, she has mastered every craft she has tried and produce beautiful things. Since I was little she has taught me different crafts in hope I would take to one. I've tried sewing, quilting, silk painting, embroidery, cross stitch, painting, drawing, scrapbooking, beading, knitting, stamping and so on. Dispite my mum's efforts I would soon lose interest. It wasn't until I moved out in the summer and lived on my own that I decided I truly needed a hobby to occupy my spare time. So I searched high and low and I found Berrysprite and her crocheted Tokochu tutorial. I was introduced to the world of crochet and amigurumi and I AM HOOKED! I got a hook and some yarn learnt the basic stitches and spent every spare minute of my day crocheting. Ten months on and I just love crochet, though sadly my final year at uni has meant I have had little time to do much crochet. Here are some photos of all the things I have crocheted (minus a Trojan and an acorn currently residing down south at my brother's home).

She sheep at the back of the photo is a little key ring. In the foreground are some ami's for a scene I am going to make at some point.

And at the front are the Tokochu! I only have two remaining but I made a whole rainbow of them, but gave them away as Christmas presents :) I think I might complete the rainbow of them again!

                                                     THIS IS SPARTA!!!! 

The penguin in this photo is the first amigurumi I ever made. He looks a bit odd but at this point I had no idea that there are different names for the crochet stitches. So I read an English pattern and did American double crochet lol. He's also missing an eye due to a dog playing with him! 

I have made also made other non amigurumi crocheted things. I will take pictures of them and post them in a later blog. I made a owl phone case a few weeks ago, inspired by a post on the Craftsers website but I came up with a pattern by myself. This has made me want to challenge myself to design some patterns and then in the long run maybe sell things on etsy!

I am determined to do so but maybe it can wait until I finish my degree in early June. (Can't wait to finish :D)

Anyway til my next blog! x