Monday, 11 April 2011

The Start of Something Small

My mum is a terrific crafter, she has mastered every craft she has tried and produce beautiful things. Since I was little she has taught me different crafts in hope I would take to one. I've tried sewing, quilting, silk painting, embroidery, cross stitch, painting, drawing, scrapbooking, beading, knitting, stamping and so on. Dispite my mum's efforts I would soon lose interest. It wasn't until I moved out in the summer and lived on my own that I decided I truly needed a hobby to occupy my spare time. So I searched high and low and I found Berrysprite and her crocheted Tokochu tutorial. I was introduced to the world of crochet and amigurumi and I AM HOOKED! I got a hook and some yarn learnt the basic stitches and spent every spare minute of my day crocheting. Ten months on and I just love crochet, though sadly my final year at uni has meant I have had little time to do much crochet. Here are some photos of all the things I have crocheted (minus a Trojan and an acorn currently residing down south at my brother's home).

She sheep at the back of the photo is a little key ring. In the foreground are some ami's for a scene I am going to make at some point.

And at the front are the Tokochu! I only have two remaining but I made a whole rainbow of them, but gave them away as Christmas presents :) I think I might complete the rainbow of them again!

                                                     THIS IS SPARTA!!!! 

The penguin in this photo is the first amigurumi I ever made. He looks a bit odd but at this point I had no idea that there are different names for the crochet stitches. So I read an English pattern and did American double crochet lol. He's also missing an eye due to a dog playing with him! 

I have made also made other non amigurumi crocheted things. I will take pictures of them and post them in a later blog. I made a owl phone case a few weeks ago, inspired by a post on the Craftsers website but I came up with a pattern by myself. This has made me want to challenge myself to design some patterns and then in the long run maybe sell things on etsy!

I am determined to do so but maybe it can wait until I finish my degree in early June. (Can't wait to finish :D)

Anyway til my next blog! x 

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