Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I finished reading 'I Shall Wear Midnight' by Terry Pratchett (his books are pretty awesome) a few weeks ago. Anyway whilst browsing looking for something new to crochet (despite have about 5 different projects on the go already) I came across someone who had crocheted a Nac Mac Feegle. At this point I felt all giddy inside and decided I must make one myself! So I found a free sackboy pattern to use as the basic body and began to crochet...I decided to try to make my Nac Mac Feegle look like Rob Anybody. I had a lot of fun making him and I'm pleased with how he turned out despite a few hiccups. So he he is in all is Feegle glory....

Showing off his hair before he goes off to drink and fight

He needs a good sit down after a good fight (and after following Tiffany around)

And finally a back shot of him

I think I should make a few more feegle friends for him but for now I think my next project will be THIS!!

Thanks for looking! x


  1. As a fellow Discworld fan, I am grinning ear to ear at this, OMG. You did a completely brilliant job! The hair is amazing, the kilt is cracking me up, and his face is so crazy and expressive!