Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lets doodle on fabric!

A while back during my exams my parents were very kind and bought me two books that I really wanted, one of which was Twinkie Chans book and the other...

I think the designs in the book are really cute and it made embroidery actually appeal to me which it has never done before! So this after noon I dug out some scrap fabric (which I bought and used for a moth net) and my mum's embroidery threads. I drew onto the fabric in biro (not a good idea) so when my pen slipped I couldn't correct it so I had to stitch over it. However I think the patterns have come out not so bad!

Heres what I did this afternoon, I went for an under the sea theme!

And here is each motif one at a time....

This one is definitely my favourite, the octopus is just so cute :D I like the bubbles too.

I did use two different shades of aqua in this jellyfish but it doesn't show up very well... note to self use more contrasting threads!

Finally the star fish!

I really enjoyed doing this today and it was definitely a nice little break from all the crochet I have been doing!


  1. pretty cool! What a fun idea! Your stitching is even and appropriate - really like it

  2. Very cute! I'm just getting into embroidery too, and I really like it. :)

  3. How very cute! I think taking a break is good - not to mention you get to show off your creativity in other medium! I have to say I like the octopus the best too :)

  4. I like your under the sea theme! Very good job!