Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Knitting Post

OK so I mainly crochet but I learnt to knit first but I haven't done much of it. I saw on Etsy Gnome dome hats and decided I must knit one!  So I got some circular needles for the fist time and knit it! This is my first ever hat knitted in the round (and only my 2nd knitted hat ever). I really love it. For the top of the hat I switched to double pointed needles but I didn't have 9mm one so I used 5mm, hence it kinda goes small fast. But I have ordered 9mm DPNs and have more yarn to make a second one, I think I will also try and make one out of the left over Noro silk garden yarn. I'm also quite a tight knitter (my gauge was out) so I will practice knitting looser.

I've also been really wanting to knit the OWLs jumper by Kate Davis but I have pretty much no experience doing cable work. So I tested out my skills by making the Who? ipod cosy by Kayleen Grage. I used DK yarn and 3.25 mm DPNs and skipped a couple of things out in the pattern. Using DK yarn means that it fits my nano ipod :) I'm dead chuffed with how it turned out and its given me some confidence to actually undertake doing the jumper!

With the ipod in it.

I love the owl design, I think its so cute :D

I think I will post a blog on my spinning/dyeing and hopefully some crochet FOs in the next few days.
Til then x