Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Winter is coming!

I'm sad to say but I haven't been doing any crochet or knitting of late. I appear to have over done it this holiday and as a result I seem to have knackered my hands :( Hopefully though after a few more weeks of resting my hands will be as good as new and I will be able to hook and knit again! I hope by Christmas I will have finished all the projects I have on the go atm! (Which is quite alot!) 

On the brighter side of this I have a spinning class this Saturday, hopefully my hands will allow me to do and enjoy it! I will post all about the class sometime next week.

I am moving to the south soon to start university again so my posts may become fewer and further between but please still check out my blog as I will post as often as possible, even if its to share some crochet or knitting I have seen rather than done myself! I imagine I will start little amigurumi projects again like I did during my final undergrad year.

Happy crochet and knitting!

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  1. I had my hands hurt during the summer and found this site:
    The stretches and exercises there helped. Also, rolling a golf ball (or similarly sized round object) in line with your muscles on your forearms helps as well.