Saturday, 27 August 2011

Finished objects and work in progress!

Crochet FO!

My brothers birthday was this August and so I made him a star blanket, my fourth star blanket! He loves the colour blue and so I went for a sea and sand theme. This is most definitely the biggest of the blankets (I measured) showing that after a long time of crocheting non-amigurumi things my tension has become much looser! I sent the blanket down to him (with the other brother) and got a very happy phone call off him! He was very pleased with it :D 

Crochet WIPs

The toast scarf that I blogged about in what seems a very long time ago has been making very slow progress as I keep frogging it. But alas I have made all 15 slices with the crusts on, so they only need to be buttered and sewn together.

A very squishy looking loaf!
I should really try and finish it but there are currently other projects which I want to do much more. So sadly my toast scarf will stay in this state for a while longer. Poor poor buttered toast scarf!

My favourite crochet project at the moment is my 'Lime'shawl which I'm making in a pale silvery blue. I'm making it from Debbie bliss Angel and it is soooo soft and silky. I love it! The pattern is from issue 20 of inside crochet. It's a slow project as its linked crochet which takes me a while to do! Here is my progress so far....

Only another 31 stars to do and then 27 minor motifs! YIKES
Its definitely a project that will need to be blocked! Maybe this time next year I will have finished it :S I really like the star motifs though and they will really show they shape when they are blocked!

Looks lovely and soft and fuzzy!

I almost forgot (as I haven't touched it in a while) I'm also making a cushion cover using african flower hexagonals!

Knitting FO

I have fallen in love with Tiny Owl Knit designs! I love they fairy tale influence in the designs as she definitely has a great imagination. I started the Beekeepers quilt that I blogged about last but I needed something to store my DPNs in, but don't worry Stephanie had the answer to my problem. Her Gnome homes for DPNs! So I made a gnome home and I LOVE it! Its not quite finished as I need to add elastic to keep the hat on but it works a treat! It was my first time hand felting (so I think I will make another which will hopefully be better) but I am so pleased with how it turned out! So with out further ado may I introduce my Gnome!

Sadly he is currently nameless!

He fits all five of my 3.5mm DPNS nice and snugly :)

I have also got TOK's pattern for Fairy castles to store all my DPNs in and I can't wait to get started on it (yarn bought and ready to knit!).

picture from Tiny owl knit project page linked above

Knitting WIPs

OK so I have mention the owl jumper several times before and well I have started it! I have knitted both the sleeves and I'm about to start on the body. It knits up so fast and the yarn is so soft .

They don't look the same size in the photo but trust me they are. I made the cuffs extra long so I could put a thumb hole in. 

As a first jumper as a beginner knitter I am so pleased with them and can't wait to finish it. It will be a super snug and warm jumper. Hopefully I will finish it in time for the cold weather :D

Finally my last WIP is the beekeepers blanket, I have now made 11 in total and I'm half way through my twelfth. I thought they would be really difficult to make and at first I did find it really fiddly and difficult knitting on 3 DPNs but 11 hexipuffs later and its a breeze and I love making them! So he is a load of pictures of them :P

Rowan kidslik haze hexipuffs, they are so soft and squishy 
I'm going to lots of hexipuffs with little pictures on them
I love the yarn which varies in colour :)

I keep them all neatly in a case which I can use to travel, as its such a great project to take on travels and knit when waiting around.

all the tools to make a hexipuff
Full of all my hexipuffs!
And finally a picture of my hexipuff in progress 

Well there you go all my work for a while! Hope you liked them!


  1. That Debbie Bliss angel yarn looks beautifully soft! That shawl should be gorgeous when it's complete!

  2. That cushion cover is so pretty! And i love the toast scarf. I am just jealous of all your crochet projects though because I'm still not very good at it! x