Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tea and Cakes

The other day whilst I was stuck at home revising my Mum and Dad went out to the craft shop and bought me a polystyrene ball.

They had seen it in the shop decorated with sequins and paper to make it look like at cup cake and they thought I could use crochet to make the same effect. So today when I decided to take a break from revision I decided to make the cupcake. I wanted the base to look like a cake case so I searched the internet and found THIS great video showing how to make cupcakes! So I started to crochet the base...

When I finished I was really pleased with they way it looked and I had made it a size that would fit the polystyrene ball.

I then made the icing myself by crocheting half treble (or half double in US) in a spiral but only crocheting into the back loops. I then attached to the base with the ball inside (I added a 2p coin to the base to give it weight and some stuffing to fill out the bit the ball didn't). I then added coloured pins to the top to look like sprinkles. And this is the yummy result....

Now just time to sit down and relax with a cupcake and a nice cup of tea

I really wish it was real now! Well I think this will be my last blog until after my final exams on the 27th this month. Can't wait til then :D

Hope you like it! x

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