Sunday, 29 May 2011

Catch the Snitch!

So on Ravelry I have joined a forum HP Knitting and Crochet House Cup, which they have Quidditch matches were each team have to make a certain pattern and the teams compete to make the most (a player can only make one) for the first match (the only one I have been able to compete in this month due to uni) we had to make the golden snitch. The pattern was from Inner Child Crochet and its great! It was really easy to make I didn't take long to make. And Slytherin (which I'm in) won the match :D

I love the wings especially I think they look good and would definitely use them for an angel or a fairy!

I then tried to get a picture of holly catching the snitch (Katie refused because she decided it was naughty to play with my crochet). It didn't go so well though lol.....

I then tried to get her to hold it in her mouth but she kept dropping it straight away....

Finally I managed to get a shot of her holding it seconds before she dropped it again :D But at least it looks like she caught the snitch :D She could definitely make seeker!

Well since I have now finished uni I will have lots of spare time to crochet until October, so I will be blogging lots more. Also I have the time now to try and create a pattern which I really want to do.

Til next time x

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