Sunday, 29 May 2011

Review: Clover Pom-pom maker

So my exams are all done and my degree finished :D So the other weekend I went to the craft and hobby fair at Aintree and bought myself a Clover Pom-pom maker. I decided that I would like to be able to make pom poms easily and quickly as my other attempts have been a bit tedious. I bought the two smaller sizes.

The instructions were really easy and it was incredibly quick to make the pom-poms and they came out really well. 

These are the pom-poms I made I made with the larger of two (I should I have put a coin in the picture to show the size, sorry) These would be perfect for a childs or babies hat. I loved making them with snowflake yarn as it made a really soft fleecy ball :)

This is the smaller size and I think its really cute. However I wouldn't use the blue funky yarn again because it shedded alot after I cut around the edge and continues to do so every time I touch it.
To try and help show you the size I have two pictures of the two different sizes in my hands

Below is the smallest size in my hand...

And now the largest size...

I think the Clover pom-pom maker is great and I would love one that makes heart shaped pom-poms! This is definitely a must have if you want fast, easy and great looking pom-poms!

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