Monday, 13 June 2011

Crochet hook case :D

I ordered a set of 12 crochet hooks as my set is rather random and incomplete. So with my 12 new hooks on the way (2mm- 8mm) I decided to  make a crochet hook case. I found THIS great tutorial by Joanne for the perfect crochet hook case and I am thrilled with the results! I used fabric from what remained of my mums stash (from the days when she did quilting) to save money. I also made a few adjustments to the pattern: 

  1. Made it 3 inches longer to make it large enough for all 12 hooks 
  2. Decreased the size of the inside pocket so it was an inch shorter (accidental)
  3. Added a little bar to hook on my stitch markers
  4. Made the top flap an inch bigger (to compensate for accident)
  5. Used wadding  instead of interfacing (because I had no interfacing)

The instructions were really easy to follow and the case has a nice finish. I can't believe that after rolling out of bed past 11 that I managed to finish it by 5.30 when the last time I sewed I was about 13. My mum was a great help she guided me through the first half making sure I was doing it correct and then I felt confident enough to finish it when she went away.

Here is a picture of my current case and hooks and as you can see I have a random assortment of hooks. I got the case free with a magazine (can't remember which magazine though). It has no room in it for my new hooks.

Here is a picture of the new case without the hooks...

Here is a close up of the stitch marker holder with stitch markers on. I love this little addition, it means I will be able to carry them with me without worrying that I will loose them!

I love the fabric I used, I'm so glad I did use it despite not particularly wanting to.  

And finally here it is with my 12 new hooks which arrived today :D

I am dead chuffed with it and definitely recommend using this tutorial/pattern if you choose to make one!

Hope you like it x

P.s check out Easy makes me happy blog, she has brilliant designs and is currently doing a giveaway of her awesome lamb bonnet hat!

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