Sunday, 5 June 2011

Kawaii paperweight

I recently bought a notebook and some magnets from a shop called Paperchase. I've never seen this shop in the northwest, but I saw it in London and Portsmouth. I think the creatures on them are really cute. So I decided to make one of them myself. I went for the pink one to start with. As you can see on the book....

And the magnets....

I'm still learning the ropes, in terms of when creating my own shapes, knowing when to increase and decrease (bar doing a sphere which I've made enough to know how to do it). But practice makes perfect so here is may attempt at the head... 

The head is quite small, which is how I wanted it but maybe the features could have be smaller. I added a flower to the head like in the magnet picture. I'm really pleased with it and it makes a good paper weight. I did write down the pattern for it but I think I might make tweeks before I ever post it. 

Hope you like it!


  1. Who does that remind me of?

  2. Hi :) I came across your blog on ravelry looking for people who knit/crochet in Liverpool.
    I just thought I'd say Hi.

    I'm not sure if you've found it yet but there is a paperchase in the metquarter in the city centre.

    Great to see someone else is into amigurumi!

  3. Hey, awh thanks I never knew there was one in liverpool :D I think i'll go check it out today! Theres a knitting/crochet group that meets at oomoo on smithdown once a week btw.
    Yeh its great to see others with the same interest :)