Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Finished Star Blanket

As you can see in my last blog post I had started making a star blanket from issue 16 of Inside crochet... well now it's finished YEY! It was really easy to make and relatively quick to make too! It's the first pattern I've made from inside crochet and it has turned out really well. So with out further ado here are some photos.

I love the star pattern in it .. kind of reminds me of flowers

And to cuten my blog post here are some dog photos...
This is Holly and she LOVES being wrapped in clothes or blankets so she is very obliging

Katie however isn't so obliging but I managed to snap a picture of her wrapped in it :)

Awwh she always looks so serious but shes lovely :D

And finally here is a couple of pictures of it on the settee

Its the biggest thing I have ever made! and is so different from making Amigurumis

So my Mum loves it and wants me to make one for her, so we went back to the yarn shop and got more yarn in different colours. I should point out that the pattern says you need two 200g balls of each colour but I only used 200g of the blue (sandpiper) colour... so these are the colours Mum chose from the colours available (though there weren't that many as they are so popular that they were selling fast)

I also found another yarn shop just down the road from the other yarn and it had Noro silk garden yarn that I wanted so I could make the Rapunzel scarf  in the same issue... I love the colours!

Can't wait to start both projects but I also need to finish the Buttered toast scarf. If only there were more hours in the day!


  1. Great job! I wouldn't have guessed that was a quick and easy project. Your stitches make it look very intricate!

  2. Looks great! Especially love the photos that show it off on the furniture. And you're using some great yarn!

    Out of curiosity did you block it? I loathe blocking work so I don't usually but I'm interested in whether or not most people do.

  3. @Shorty, Thanks, the pattern makes it look intricate but its just treble (US double) and chain. Deffo recommend the pattern.

    @CrochetBlogger, Thanks, I didn't block it because I didn't feel it needed it. But not sure if I would anyway as the scarf I blocked curled up so cba with the effort!