Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Fruits of my Spinning

If you keep up with blog you may have noticed that I did some spinning a while back. I spun the remainder of the roving into a much thinner yarn than my other two attempts and it varies from worsted weight to lace! Oops! I guess spinning evenly is a skill I will gradually learn. I have booked myself on a spinning course in hope that will help :) Well I dyed the yarns and crocheted with it! I dyed the yarns using Dylon handwash and the colours I used where Bahama blue and ocean blue. Sadly these weren't the colours the yarn turned out to be. So I have made a note to self next time not to use dylon for my yarn. SO here are the result!

And for close ups!

This is the first yarn that I spun and it was dyed in ocean blue but came out as a lilac :( its a nice colour but not what I wanted.

This is the second yarn and I dyed it bahama blue, which I expected to come out as a deep turquoise, but its very pale.

For my final spun yarn I draped half of it in both dyes.

And then hand wound it into a ball :D

I had a lot fun spinning and dying it even if the colour wasn't what I wanted and will definitly do it again. But I couldn't leave the yarn untouched! so I crocheted as much as I could with the small amounts of yarn!

I hope this inspires you to give it ago yourself if you haven't already done so! I got a great deal of satisfaction when I was crocheting knowing that I had spun and dyed the yarn that I was using.


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  1. How fun to be involved at every step of a project!