Saturday, 13 August 2011

Owls and Bees (Knitting)

I don't usually post without pics of FO's but today I have seen a project which I think will be perfect for me whilst I'm away! Its by Tiny owl knits and it the Beekeeper's quilt. Its made up of little 'hexypuffs' which are all joined together in a honeycomb pattern. I'm so excited at the prospect of being able to knit a little hexy a day in my spare time or just before bed. I think it will be a great way to wind down from a study packed day (which will be needed if my masters is as stressful as my final year of my Bsc).
The picture below is from Tiny owl knits finished project linked above. Its so cute and from the video she did on it they look so puffy and cuddly! I definitely thought I should share this for those of you who are busy and like the satisfaction of finishing something, as each 'hexypuff' is a mini project in itself. On the tiny owl knit Ravelry group there is a  KAL for the quilt and a discussion thread where people share their picture charts they have come up with for a 'hexypuff'. 
I'm even more excited now about starting my masters this October!

On another note I have ordered my yarn for the O w l s jumper I mentioned on a previous blog post and my circular needles came today! I am really excited to start it and can't wait to cast on when the yarn comes next week. I'm making the jumper in Debbie bliss donegal luxury tweed chunky  (splashed out a bit!) in a nice teal-ish colour!

I will post some crochet FO's in the next few days :D


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